Careers Advice

Careers Advice

Many of us are attracted to this unique industry; enchanted by the glamour and excited by the buzz and opulence of the events and awards on offer. But you don’t simply arrive here – you have to progress, follow specific routes and gain plenty of experience. It takes a lot of hard work to get to the top and an equal amount to sustain it.

As part of our service we will guide and advise you, wherever you are in your career, offering CV and interview tips to ensure you have the best possible chance at success.

Here’s some advice from Emma Bavin – Founder of eg recruit – who describes a few of the most sought after progression paths and the journey’s they take:

Hairdresser to Account Manager

We typically see hairdressers yearning for a sideways step to switch into sales and become a brand Account Manager. Whilst the transition may seem obvious, it still requires a solid amount of training and experience – let’s face it, you’ve worked hard and got an abundance of on-the-job experience to become a hairdresser, so why would this be any different?

The good news is, many FMCG companies offer fantastic training programs for those wishing to pursue a career in sales, so once you have some field sales experience and a proven track record, you will be taken seriously and hugely more likely to be considered for an Account Management role. Almost all of the candidates you will be up against will have this already, so we know from experience that that if you take this route and focus on putting the hard work in before applying, it will pay dividends in the future.

Hairdresser to Education

With passion and creativity, often comes personality and that is what’s needed in Education, but there are a few more practical must-haves to go alongside this!

  • First and foremost you MUST have a driving licence! To be a Field Educator you will be visiting salons on a daily basis, loaded with bags and equipment, so this is a prerequisite for any aspiring Educator.
  • Educate yourself. Clients will always prefer candidates educated with a colour degree, it doesn’t usually matter which brand it is with but the more willing you show, the further you will go.
  • Gain as much stage work as possible. Get experience teaching the apprentices in your salon on model night. Practice speaking publicly and using the right terminology descriptively.
  • Prepare a portfolio. Document your achievements, including any competitions you may have entered. Gather images of your proudest work and present it beautifully.
  • Becoming a freelance Educator, whilst still working within a salon. It also broadens your skills and gives a varied working week.
  • Mobile hairdressers – or hairdressers working from home – are very rarely interviewed as all of the colour houses we recruit for insist hairdressers entering education must be currently working within a salon. If you are considering this transition then get yourself into a salon first.

Account Manager to Key Accounts Manager

At this stage you are likely settled with your current company. You have consistently hit your targets over the last few years and feel you have mastered the Account Manager role. You want the next challenge and you are ready for some of the perks the senior positions offer. This is a fantastic phase to reach but it is important to be realistic. Management roles are not a natural progression for everyone.

  • Evaluate your experience and skills and think about why you would make a good Key Accounts Manager. You need to be able to sell yourself to a potential employer.
  • Ensure you speak to your current employer. They may already have you earmarked for a promotion internally. If you can achieve a top position in a company where they know your capabilities then we recommend this! The last thing we want to do is move happy people.
  • If, after this conversation, you discover there are no progression routes or you have decided to make your move elsewhere, then we can certainly help.
  • Lastly it is imperative during this transition period that you do not let your figures slip! Keep hitting your targets and continue to stay focused and motivated, take on new projects and let your skills flourish. Clients seeking candidates for senior roles want evidence of a history of consistent, high quality work.

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