Sales and Education

We find top Salespeople and Educators to work on behalf of manufacturers and distributors.

Lets face it, products come to life when the people selling them are passionate, energetic and confident. The power of your products relies heavily on the power of your sales and education team. And only those with the ability to deliver a confident and believable pitch will engage your customers with something memorable. We understand the intrinsic values that our clients have worked so hard to establish in this industry and that the success of your sales relies on the brand ambassadors representing your organisation. That’s why we handpick only the highest calibre for your company. Your products deserve exceptional people with a dedicated passion for the industry. By working with us we can help you grow your teams into selling powerhouses.

Referral Scheme

Are you a current or previous candidate? Do you know someone we could recruit? If we place a candidate that you refer and they successfully complete their first 12 weeks of employment you will receive £100.
*Please note this applies to new recruits only.

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