The top table managers at the bottom of the recruitment pile.

In the last 12 years of recruiting, I have seen many different changes within the industry. Gone are the low basic salaries and no mobile phones!

There has been much focus in the industry on the lack of recruitment within the hair salons but little said of the manufacturers and distributors. Who recruits sales teams.

Gradually we have seen higher basic salaries and occasionally unrealistic OTE’s. Back in 2005-2008 “the good times” where the industry was at its peak. We saw new companies boosting basic salaries to 35k for a standard account manager. This was unheard within many companies at this time but enticed many people to join.

This, as predicted, was shortly followed by the redundancy of many account and regional managers. Many companies were unable to sustain the higher basics on the return they were getting from their account managers. Candidates then had salary expectation out of the industry normal.

Are we still feeling the pain from what happened 10 years ago? Yes, I think we are. The industry as a whole followed suit and increased the basic salaries for many of their sales team. To compensate for the higher salaries came more redundancies and account managers taking on the dual role of key accounts too. Never was there more pressure on the account manager to achieve their targets.

As salon’s relied much more than ever upon support from their account managers to grow their business. The demand was increasing from head offices across the industry too.

Hair salons were going into a new territory of SOCIAL MEDIA. Visiting a salon with the strategy of “buy 8 get 8 free” was no longer cutting the mustard. The generation that had been previously very successful account managers (were slowly squeezed out the industry). I believe not enough training was offered to the more experienced salespeople into the new consultative sale.

Sadly we now have been left with a band of very experienced account managers, regional manager and GM’S that are missing out on interview opportunities. Either their salary expectations are too high for the companies recruiting or the hiring managers feel they are overqualified to do the roles they’re recruiting for.

Of course, by law, we do not discriminate but the reality is these people are getting knocked back time and time again within this industry. To be clear these are not 80 somethings ….40 somethings. Being overqualified for a role can be soul destroying for the candidate.
Especially those who were only a couple of years ago at the “top table” of industry events.

Personally, I think we need to discuss this in the industry. The consequences this has had on the people made redundant. I believe they are on occasions given unrealistic expectations on how easy it would be to find a new role. This is especially true of senior managers.

With an industry as small as ours, there are only so many roles to go round. The more senior you are the tougher you may find it to find another role immediately.

There are the smaller start-up companies that often benefit from these highly skilled candidates but the candidate often has to me the decision to take a huge pay cut to just be employed.

I certainly don’t have all the answers!! If I did I wouldn’t be typing now. But I do have some very highly skilled candidates searching for their next opportunities.

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